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Learn to be quiet about your misery
And keep your sadness in the dark.

 Because, my dear…
                                    Nobody cares about your broken fragile heart.

starting the day off by boiling my binder

this is gonna be a weird day

Danny Elfman - Oogie Boogies Song
105 plays


felt like sharing my own personal headcanon voice for sober gamzee

kurloz ver.

Tiger Army - Oogie Boogie's Song
8 plays

art source [x]

whats that you say? i cant use the same song just with different singers as both of my makara boy headcanons?

well too flippin bad

gamzees ver.

noodles literally woke me up by licking my ear and wouldnt stop until i sat up so she could lay on my shoulders

idk im just in a generally shitty mood so ill prolly crash out soon

noodles is so determined that i not be sad that she literally stuck her nose up one of my nostrils shes precious and i love her

strifetime replied to your post “to any of my friends/followers who are up this late and play ACNL  if…”

I have one, if you’d like it! :o My FC’s 0173-2055-7507, if you’re interested.

ah yes thank you! my FC’s 0189-8916-7213


me: stop being racist please

family:  listen… liberal hippie trash ….u dont know anything abotu the world….

to any of my friends/followers who are up this late and play ACNL 

if you happen to have a spare axe (preferably two) and are willing to give them to me, let me know

i can provide bells or some furniture or a silver fishing rod in exchange if that strikes your fancy